RFID Pallet Automation

Radio Frequency Identification is a useful part of the supply chain. Its unique feature of electronically tagging items is a big improvement for productivity and efficiency purposes.

Akmaz Barkod provides RFID solutions for managing pallets or container movements in warehouse. RFID tags can be programmed with item and location information and placed on pallets which are stored in warehouse.  It can identify unauthorized movement of pallets in the warehouse or the building premise wherever the readers have been installed.

Use of RFID in pallet tagging has the following benefits-

- RFID helps in quick, cost effective, automated and precise way to locate or track inventory.  Throughout the supply chain business this technology is much in talk.

- It gives a clear and better visibility plus control of inventories.

- Increased savings in time and labor savings, the management process of keeping a fully stocked floor, minimal item clearance because of excess ordering and incorrect inventory and lastly,  precise inventory information.

- Notifications to authorities in case of unscheduled movement of items.

- Item tagging is important in order to know the amount of inventory on the floor. Its size, color is always needed to restock, in addition to what are the inventory availabilities in stock rooms.

- The security of items is another advantage, by using RFID based technology.

With Akmaz Barkod’s comprehensive RFID solutions, business can achieve all the above benefits and much more.